What is Creative Culture?

The best company culture lures the best talent. Creatives entering the industry shape their perceptions of agencies based on two things: the quality of the creative ideas, and the company culture. There’s a vibe that you get from a place that feels alive and fun, and another you get from a place that feels like a sweatshop.

Check out some of the top successful agencies out there, you will notice a clearly defined culture. Those at the top stay tight to the founding principles of their beliefs and best practices. A perfect example would be attracting and retaining creative people as well as applying the same principles to attracting and retaining clientele. The two go hand in hand.  If you create the right environment… the creative’s will feel the freedom to produce quality work and the client will in turn feel the connection.

You ask… How does one create this creative culture?

Simple. Good Energy + Creative Freedom


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